[Solved] Maintain Action text until action is performed

  • #20, by sebastianWednesday, 14. June 2017, 18:37 7 years ago
    great news you managed it smile 

    I also got it working with a similar method a few hours ago but still had struggle to clean it up a little. 

    You could move your 

    •  Clear saved object
    •  Set standard command

    under the if/else and remove the else branch completely by the way because of redundancy smile

    Will do also a video about it in a few weeks (after i did a lua crash course for the viewers). 

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  • #21, by gabartsThursday, 15. June 2017, 10:22 7 years ago
    Great news! I'm using instead draw text at cursor, eventually how should I set the highlight thing?

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  • #22, by sebastianThursday, 15. June 2017, 11:50 7 years ago
    would work the same but you have to tweak his mentioned execute scripts  to work with
    GameActionTextFont of thr game table instead of an interface tavle's InterfaceActionTextFont. 

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