[SOLVED] lua scripting: how can the player input a text in a textbox?

  • #10, by andy-rinaldiFriday, 05. September 2014, 00:38 10 years ago
    Ok, thanks a lot. I can wait the next week.

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  • #11, by SmithersSaturday, 06. September 2014, 13:52 10 years ago
    This could be really useful for me too. I was beginning to think it wouldn't be possible to do anything like this in Visionaire based on other threads.


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  • #12, by afrlmeSunday, 07. September 2014, 01:15 10 years ago
    Sure just requires a bit of work on your part as we currently don't have any true key input support. David was on about adding it at some point mind. Basically disable the regular key input actions after you activate key input feature for typing... well it would probably be something along those lines I think.


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  • #13, by afrlmeWednesday, 10. September 2014, 00:19 10 years ago
    Bloody hell, the current method for creating key input is such a boring chore! Hopefully I will finish my example sometime the morrow or the day after.

    I've created the graphics - a quick mock-up old fashioned monitor screen with grid lines.

    Also created a modern on screen keyboard which can be clicked on with mouse - hovering mouse over a button will highlight it, so will pressing the key down on the keyboard.

    Written the functions for adding text, checking text, removing text & adding the questions text in a typewriter transition.

    I've added key input for about 1/3 of the keys so far including space, delete (backspace) & enter (return).

    Just have the quiz questions & answers to create & script. The rest of key inputs to sort. The object areas & actions for the keyboard button icons to do & some other bits & bats like adding some blocks to add tick/cross based on answer given.

    Can I have some money now please? I may need a pair of glasses by the time I'm done! grin


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