[SOLVED] How many scenes Can I build?

  • #10, by caligarimarteSunday, 09. October 2016, 17:34 4 years ago
    Also, if you have any of those Pseudo-While-Actions (utilizing the "Jump to Actionpart"-Actionpart), make sure to quit that Action at the End of the Scene, because otherwise those will also remain running (or at Least the "Home Key"-Overlay says so).

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  • #11, by afrlmeSunday, 09. October 2016, 18:11 4 years ago
    @ CaligariMarte: yes you are correct. Jump to x action loops will continue running until the action block is killed or interrupted. It's best to wrap loops inside of an if query or inside of a called by other action block which you can stop at any time with the stop action action part.


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