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Where is my family , new version coming soon

Where is my Family, the point and click adventure game, will be available coming soon

Help little Ben find his missing family and discover the reason by participating in a fascinating adventure. Meet several crazy characters and complete the adventure by helping him solve puzzles throughout the adventure.

Where is my family, an adventure game designed by and for true enthusiasts.

A scenario that promises multiple twists and you will spend many hours discovering the adventure of a clumsy little kid who is trying to find his parents who have disappeared. Featuring a capricious character, it will give you trouble to solve the puzzles...

Enhanced animations and natural movements in the final version.

The voices of the characters in French full! The game has French and English subtitles. Even if the scenario seems tragic, the game contains no violence, and is intended for all ages. The scenario contains a lot of humor and is “safe” to not shock anyone and allow everyone to have fun for many hours. Game guaranteed without violence!

Demo available :


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  • wimf
    5 years ago
    Do you like surveys and games that are not taken seriously? Are you a big fan of point & click adventure games? Then discover Where is my Family, or the story of a child looking for his missing parents. Find a few winks to classics of great adventure games.
    Mix of logical puzzles where you have to use a key to open a drawer, and crazy puzzles, when you will have to be ingenious to transform an object, like combining dyes and soap to create a useful mixture to help you 
    Help little Ben, who after a hard day of school, helplessly attends the kidnapping of his family and, being locked in the living room, will have to go out to embark on a great adventure trying to find his family and thwart the horrible machination that is preparing in the small town of Trouville-en-Perdurois!
    Control an endearing character, with sometimes childish reactions, and discover with him a great number of places, sometimes unusual such as the "crazy hospital", the big labyrinth of hedges, the old cemetery and many others, and learn what the Nonocom will do ...
    Voices and texts in full French!
    Subtitles available in French and English.
    Release scheduled for mid-July!
  • wimf
    6 years ago
    Hello. Big game evolution

    I updated the animations of my characters. Before, the walk was jerky, it was not very pretty.

    I recalculated my animations and added framerate in each animal. Now, the movements are fluid.

    Here is an overview of the result:
  • wimf
    6 years ago
    Since the release of version 5 of the moteur studio engine, I have reworked the entire game to provide a stable, more fluid version, and correct old bugs.

    The new engine incorporating a powerful particle generator, all the effects that were made in pre-calculated are now made in the integrated generator. The result is a better integration, events that make the game more alive (leaves that fly, dust in motion, fire, rain,..) and a much less greedy game.

    I also take advantage of this opportunity to add a lot of elements in the game (Graphics and others…) and some additional puzzles.

    Some dialogues of other characters are also added to the game.

    I am currently about 85 % of the project finalization. I’m trying to stick to the project every day so I can propose the final version within a reasonable time.

    I recall that the game is in full French, voice and text. English sub-titles are already in the game. A subtitled version in Spanish is also planned, thanks to the help of my friend Francisco.

    Do not hesitate to subscribe to my facebook page and follow the evolution of the project also on my website

    A simple like is already helping me, sharing even more. Thank you all if you like my project to spread information through your shares.
  • wimf
    7 years ago
    Hi everybody smile

    Latest news on my point and click game « Where is my family »

    It's official, the end of October 2016, a free "light" version will be available on my website (in download version). A special version only on DVD with 8 additional locations, more puzzles and an epilogue (playable) on an adventure lasting about 3 hours there will be included! A download link will also be provided for the long version in addition to the DVD.

    You can already pre-order the DVD game and various goodies. The game's release and delivery of goodies is guaranteed. If you're curious, feel free to let drag an eye on my website , complete information is available.

    Joël, wimfgame
  • wimf
    8 years ago
    Since July 1, the new demo is available. Here are new compared to the old version:

    - Character improved, better integrated with sets of the game.
    - New character animations.
    - Adding facial animations.
    - Ben's house was the only place in the playable old demo version (1.06). The new demo now included 3 different locations (5 additional playable rooms). Now a total of 9 playable locations. The final version will exceed 40 rooms.
    - New start and options menu.

    Corrections :

    - Savegame problem fixed.
    - Size of graphics and animations optimized.
    - Various pathfinding problems solved.
    - Exit icon in the examination of objects completely redone.
    - Set of bug fixes

    The free game is scheduled for September 2016.
  • wimf
    8 years ago

    Thank you for your contribution to my project.

    We have not reached our goal but it's not a failure. The end of the campaign does not affect our project!

    We were not sufficiently prepared to launch a beautiful campaign. We learned from our mistakes and get back to you later for a new campaign with our well most successful video game. We will keep you informed.

    The game development continues and you can continue to follow us on our respective websites:

    Feel free to contact me directly at joel.keutgen@wimfgame.com

    Thank you again

    Joel Keutgen
  • wimf
    8 years ago
    5 days left for the kickstarter campaign. Please share is if you like. Thank you
  • wimf
    8 years ago
    I see this game also more suitable for a younger audience. Maybe as a kind of "start" into the whole point and click adventure world.
  • wimf
    8 years ago
    After very good advice about my Kickstarter campaign, I modified the rewards. They are now much more interesting.
  • wimf
    8 years ago
    Good news.

    Many asked. It happened !

    I found a professional translator who will do the translation into English. Finally a final version without translations errors smile
  • wimf
    8 years ago
    New kickstarter campaign is lauch with cheaper objectives. :
  • afrlme
    8 years ago
  • brut69
    8 years ago
    We can't click on the kickstarter link , it's incomplete

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