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Voting Results Visionaire Contest "Stepping across the line"

And the winner is...

I love the fact that the gaming industry has come to a level where creators can make fantastic experiences without needing a multi million dollar budget and the lastest flashy graphics. Furthermore I love the fact that indie- developer and those who want to become have the possibilitiy to show what they got in mind when it says: create a unique adventure game within a very short period of time. Thanks to the Visionaire Engine and the very helpful forum and thanks to the cool people who post cool comments. You know who you are. When it came to the poll 84 participants decided which adventure game out of the Visionaire Studio Adventure Game Contes they liked the most. Here the results: 1st LAME DREAMS (english) - By Noblonski, 36 out of 84 votes· 42.86% reward: Chaos on Deponia & The Black Eye: The Chains of Satinav (sponsored by Daedalic Entertainment) 2nd NEUROVERSE (english) - By Neuro, 27 vout of 84 votes · 32.14% reward: Chaos on Deponia & The Black Eye: The Chains of Satinav (sponsored by Daedalic Entertainment) 3rd PLUM (german) - By Damiano + Marco, 25 out of 84 votes 29.76% reward: Chaos on Deponia (sponsored by Daedalic Entertainment) 4th SONNENLAND (german) - By Thom, 15 out of 84 votes · 17.86% reward: The Black Eye: The Chains of Satinav (sponsored by Daedalic Entertainment) Thanks to all who downloaded the games and voted. Congratulations to the participants.


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  • afrlme
    12 years ago
    I like the fact that everyone won something!

    Will have to remember that for the next time wink

    I didn't get anywhere with the German games as well I'm a bit limited in the understanding German department.

    I liked artwork on Neuroverse but I couldn't even get past first puzzle - haha razz

    Lame Dreams reminded me of when I used to mess around with rm2k3 (rpgmaker) years ago.

    In regards to the prizes I think would have been good for first place to choose from €35 v.s license or the 2 games, 1 or 2 games to runner up, 1 to 3rd place & a small consolation prize to 4th but that's just my opinion smile

    Safe smile
  • Florian
    12 years ago
    The contest is over and fortunately every participating team received a trophy.
    However, you deserve much more acclamation and there could be more attention and feedback to your works in this forum.
    Me, I am vastly impressed about your and the previous year's competitors results.

    Perceived 98% of all aspiring projects start overambitious and are abandoned soon.
    In this regard, I bow to you, that you even developed under this strict schedule and all your creations appear promising, so I look forward to further progress and story development.
    much kudos
  • BigStans
    12 years ago
    But i must say, that all 4 adventures are good! smile

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