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Slide out any interface in true Deponia style! [LUA]

With this script I created, you can now slide out any interface by either hovering over the interface or by using your mouse wheel depending on which condition/value is currently set!

Inside of the link provided below, you will find 2 script examples & a project file file for each version. In version 1 you slide out the interface incrementally by constantly rotating the mouse wheel until the interface has finished sliding in or out. I was not happy with version 1, so I wrote another version in which the interface would slide in or out of the screen automatically by rotating the mouse wheel up or down slightly. I recommend using version 2; because I reformatted the code in a much neater format & added bug fixes to reduce CPU usage. For more LUA scripts, templates, resources, info & so much more, check out the sticky topics wiki page.


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  • afrlme
    11 years ago
    check the link for the new version which I have rewritten from the ground up.

    it allows you to declare the direction the interface should be sliding from/to.

    allows you to hide the interface on mouse wheel mode (if you want) by adding an offset value (set as "0" if you don't want it to hide)

    you can also inverse the mouse wheel directions too.
    + I made it more cpu/ram friendly.

  • Havok
    12 years ago
    Thanks so much!
  • Eidgenosse
    12 years ago
    You are a true enrichment for the community! Thx a lot!

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