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Report #4 on stereo errors: 3D quality does matter

Graphics & Media Lab of MSU continues to work on VQMT3D (Video Quality Measurement Tool 3D) Project. The project’s aim is to improve stereoscopic films. The Lab intends to provide a reliable quality-assessment tool and therefore to help filmmakers and conversion studios to produce high-quality 3D video.

The first three reports on stereoscopic errors in 3D films have been published earlier this year. Now the Lab presents the 4th evaluation results of 5 S3D films, captured with stereoscopic camera systems. The main errors in 3D films, causing headache and eye-strain: [list] [*]excessive horizontal disparity [*]vertical disparity [*]color mismatch [*]sharpness mismatch [/list] http://compression.ru/video/vqmt3d/report4/images/c2.gif Example of vertical disparity mismatch Fabien Remblier (S3D and 4K Director, Stereographer, Producer) commented on the problem: “This problem is real and we must be keenly aware of it. Most headaches come from vertical disparities. Correcting them is simpler now because almost all stereoscopic correction tools include a specific function. But we can’t trust these tools 100%; a final check is necessary.” Analysed films: [list] [*]A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (2011) [*]Pina (2011) [*]Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) [*]Step Up Revolution (2012) [*]The Amazing Spiderman (2012) [/list] The report is free downloadable for all industry professionals. We are open for your comments, ideas and proposals to cooperate. Together we can make the S3D video quality better.


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