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Release of Visionaire Studio 4.0 - FINAL

While we've already released a beta of Visionaire Studio 4 in the late march, now is the time to come up with the final version. In the last weeks we were able to do a lot testing, bugfixing and we've also implemented some additional functions. Visionaire Studio 4.0 final is a very big milestone for us and we are very satisfied with this latest, stable version. A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who tested the Betaversion and supported us during the development.

Main Highlights of Visionaire Studio 4.0 final

[list] [*] Support of PC, MAC, LINUX, iOS und Android [*] Support of 3D Characters [*] Support of True Type Fonts [*] Drastically optimized performance and memory consumption. [*] Shader support for arbitrary visual effects with new lua commands shaderCompile, shaderSetOptions, shaderUniform and startTween [*] Several small improvements like new action parts, lua commands or improvements of the handling in the visionaire editor [*] Improved handling of the scriptingeditor - like syntaxhighlighting [*] Support of 6 languages - english, german, spanish, italian french and dutch [/list]

Complete Release Notes:

[list] [*] Editor and Player for Mac OS X. [*] Final game can be exported to Windows and Mac OS X. [*] Support for mobile platforms (iOS, android). [*] Drastically optimized performance and memory consumption. [*] Editor is now available in Italian (many thanks to Andrea Damico). [*] Support for 3d-models for character animations. [*] Improved Walk animation: Character movement can be set individually for each walk animation frame. Additional setting if character moves continuously or only on new animation frame. [*] Improved character scaling: character size is now stored and processed more accurately (with floating point number instead of integer). [*] New performance monitor in player (can be activated with Pos1 key). [*] Optimized character walk animations: only start walk animation for new direction if animation is different from currently shown animation (previously the animation was also restarted if the character reached a waypoint). [*] Display path and filename of currently selected file when opening file dialog. [*] New volume types 'video' and 'global' which can be set with 'change volume' action part. [*] Added 'Continue' option for 'Active sounds' combobox in 'Play video' action part. [*] Added 'stop dialog' action part to immediately stop currently active dialog. [*] New player commands startSound, stopSound, getSoundId, getSoundProperty, setSoundProperty, toggleSoundPause. [*] Added 'path' parameter type for lua script commands. The string for a path parameter should contain a 'vispath:' prefix, this ensures that the path will also be found when the game is compiled (e.g. startSound('vispath:sounds/bell.ogg' ) ). [*] Added new field VCharacterSize which stores the current character size. [*] Added field VGameSpeechLanguage to set language used for speech output (text display and speech output can thus be in a different language). [*] Support multiple event handlers for mainloop and mouse events. Registered event handlers are stored in savegames. [*] Select default radio button in dialog for object selection which matches best (i.e. where a parent category can be pre-selected). E.g. when creating a 'call action' action part for a character and opening the dialog to select an action the 'Characters' radio button is preselected as well as the character (in the list below) where the action belongs to. [*] Show object animation and image in dialog to select object position/center. [*] Increased visibility of selected scene objects in object list when the object is selected through the 'object area' tool (by clicking on the object in the scene). [*] Show "preview" in way systems tab to display object images and animations. [*] Always update scene animations when animation playback is activated (previously animations where only updated if the mouse was over the scene graphic). [*] Dialog to set filter for displayed texts in text list (to filter specific character texts or speaker texts). [*] New script editor: includes syntax highlighting, all blocks can be folded/expanded). [*] Improved usability of text editor (for texts and scripts). Previously the cursor was reset sometimes and it could happen that changes were lost. [*] Stretch text control in 'display text' and 'execute script' action part to use available space. [*] Automatically start edit label mode for new list items. [*] Added option to automatically create 'Display text' action part when a new action is created. [*] Only update graphic panels if editor is active. This saves a lot of system resources when the editor is not active, e.g. when starting the game from the editor. [*] Fixed updating action part list when removing if/else-action part. [*] Fixed bug when moving animation frame: if the frame had sound or action settings those settings were not moved. [*] Fixed bug when building game: same file could be added multiple times to different container files. [*] Fixed bug in "load graphic" dialog: only allow one open file dialog. [*] Check 'Wait until animation is finished' for 'Play/Hide animation' action part by default. [*] Item animation names are set to item name of containing item. This allows access of an active item animation in a script. [*] "Onion"-Effect can be toggled in animation editor independent of other tools. [*] Added getTextStr method to lua VisionaireObject to return text (string) of text object for given language. [*] Added hook function getCharacterAnimationIndex (signature: int func(visobj, int, int) - parameters: character, animationType and direction) to get animation index for current direction of character. [*] Added VGameShowBlackScreenAfterVideo field in data structure, if true then black screen will be shown after a video is finished. [*] Display full action text when item is picked up (if command or picked up item should not be shown then clear language text for command/conjunction word). [*] Group same texts for .po file text export, otherwise PO-Edit complains about duplicate message ids. [/list]

Additional changes after the release of Visionaire 4.0 BETA:

[list] [*] Added Linux (64 bit) Player. [*] Support for TrueTypeFonts. [*] Reworked mouse properties tab, added middle click and mouse wheel up/down to general actions in mouse properties and to action execution types. [*] Added options to 'Set command' action part to activate standard command or next command. [*] Extended pause tag in texts so a pause value can be specified in case speech output is disabled (e.g. '' waits for 250 milliseconds in case there is no speech output). [*] Support for 3d-models in compiled games. [*] Show error message if loading game fails because file does not exist. [*] Updated error message when load fails due to unexpected error and removed converter call (ved 2.x -> 3.x conversion). [*] Show error message if selected platform is not available when building a game. [*] Fixed possible problems with displaying savegame screenshots. [*] Bug fix: call getActionText hook also for action text displayed in interface. [*] Bug fix for Mac Player: set window brightness (gamma) only if it was different from the default value (100). [*] Fixed problem with entering text in button conjunction text field. [*] Fixed tool in animation studio dialog to set feet center. [*] Workaround for bug with radio buttons in hidden tab (e.g. create two scripts, change radio button of one script, switch to first tab, select other script and switch to second tab -> radio button for second script is changed): changed script radio buttons to checkbox, changed interface displacement to dropdown. [*] Fixed undo problem for script content. [*] Fixed setting active language for text control. [*] Fixed crash when parsing csv file for text import. [*] Fixed setting action part name when command is changed from show text to other action part with link. [*] Fixed path problem for vispath (path parameter for commands) in scripts when compiling a game. [*] Fixed validating license key (could fail for certain names): registration info must be entered again for full version. [*] Bug fix for compiling game: do not stop exporting speech files (for other languages) of a text if there is a missing speech file. [*] Fixed loading image sequence (in animation editor) when images are in same directory as the project file. [*] Shader support for arbitrary visual effects with new lua commands shaderCompile, shaderSetOptions, shaderUniform and startTween. See http://wiki.visionaire-tracker.net/wiki/Shader_(CMS) for more information. [*] New lua command startObjectTween to transform data structure values for advanced effects. [*] Improved performance and memory usage of lua scripts (replaced liblua with luajit). [*] Allow remote debugging of lua scripts. [*] Added action part 'Wait until character stops speaking'. [*] Stretch action editor in waysystems action area to use available space. [*] Re-introduced 'continue music' setting. [*] Export narration and object texts in text export (with file per character setting). [*] Improved action editor: better performance and no loss of scroll position when adding action part (except for if/else/endif action parts). [*] Fixed player crash when selecting dialog part. [*] Fixed crash when loading savegames. [*] Fixed bug when scrolling inventory items. [*] Fixed text-control, slider and tree-control for MacOS Editor. [*] Fixed copy&paste in script editor. [*] Fixed nearest neighbor interpolation setting. [*] Fixed crash when deleting action part. [*] Fixed bug when loading 3d model file. [*] Fixed initializing action execution types in action editor when action type is changed (e.g. switch from scene to menu). [*] Fixed bug in text preview dialog (speech file was not stopped correctly). [*] Fixed aligning character to object when executing action and character already stands at object position. [*] Fixed TrueType font bug (orientation). [*] Fixed bug with text pause: if a text has a pause and the speech file does not exist, the text was skipped. Now the pause will be replaced with an automatic pause. [/list]

You can buy and/or download Visionaire 4.0 Final right here:


Have fun with the latest version and good luck to your projects.

The Development Team Alex, Simon, David und Thomas


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