Which kind of Inventory to you prefer?

  • #10, by afrlmeMonday, 01. May 2017, 12:29 7 years ago
    I would love to have a poll. Give me some additional programmers, and everything will be possible wink
    You can probably find some decent existing ones floating around on the web mate. Nothing wrong with using other peoples modules.

    I'm pretty sure Calli would be able to whip one up with a bit of php & mySQL. Something to consider for the future I guess.


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  • #11, by sebastianMonday, 01. May 2017, 12:39 7 years ago
    It really depends. As mentioned before: If inventory puzzles are a main "feature" of your game its mostly good to have an popup inventory which are also visually some kind of bag or pocket the character actually has.
    The minimal inventory bars are also cool but i know more games which did it wrong or uhgly than games who did it right with this approach razz

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