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  • #30, by wimfSaturday, 15. August 2015, 23:42 5 years ago
    To improve the game immersion and for the best animation to the character, I have buy a base model that I reworked. Here is the final result of the character in several different types of emotions:

    This character is fully animated with motion capture, which will in the near future a much smoother animation and facial expressions and transmit the emotions of the character.

    The animation is done at home using Kinect 2, and the result, which will be published shortly, is much more natural than the figure currently included in the game.

    Integration of the character and entertainment end of October.

    Pictures and videos will enhance the site as and development.

    Before starting the integration, I propose to the players to vote for the prefered character on my website http://wimfgame.com

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  • #31, by wimfFriday, 21. August 2015, 09:52 5 years ago
    Hello everyone,

    To end of the year broadcast a full game, and also to reward players motivated to test and advance the adventure, I propose a small contest, this only in a fun and profit sharing project without any financial interest. My wish is just to have more and more players and to reward you for your sharing.

    The principle is simple. In the demo of the game, free download http://WIMFGAME.COM you will find an object that will give you the solution to the enigma. The competition begins this 08/14/2015 and ends on 30/09/2015 at 22:00.

    People who found the solution to the enigma will have to go to my website WIMFGAME, click CONTEST and fill the form with their response.

    After the contest, the right answers will be drawn to give a chance to everyone to win gifts.

    1 draw will take place 01/10 for the jackpot (Logitech G302 Gaming Mouse Daedalus premium) and 4 other draws for four new rechargeable USB battery backup for recharging mobile phones and tablet everywhere. (1 battery per winner).

    To show that the winners will be drawn, the draw will be broadcast live on the draw wimfgame.com and video will be posted also on site at the 01/10

    Winners will be notified by email.

    The contest rules are available on my website.

    Thank you to all if you want to share my project.


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  • #32, by wimfMonday, 07. September 2015, 14:54 5 years ago
    News of the project :

    •A new version for the demo (v1.04) is online. It contains the following changes

    Corrections :

    -Objects caught in the inventory are now tied mouse cursor as the player has not used the right click or that the action was not successful.
    -Toggle effect between toolbar and inventory fixed.
    -Optimized variables, reducing the processors calculations.

    Evolutions :

    -Capacity increased inventory.
    -Removing the inventory navigation arrows.

    •New photo and video of new room , online on http://wimfgame.com
    •Website completely redone, with more content.
    •For questions or problems with the game, I put on the site an online discussion system.

    Since the last update, I received via forums and email, a lot of feedback players on the project.

    In summary, here's what comes out.

    -The main character, currently included in the demo, collected 58.33% of votes.
    -The second character, not included, collected 41.67%.

    Since there are many views, it was decided to keep the two characters. The choice between the two will be included at the beginning of the game.

    -2 versions of the game will be available (after a personal choice as well as the opinions and feedback of players)

    o 1 free version, which will include :

    -The full story
    -The character currently in the demo
    -18 rooms

    1 paid version, which will include in addition to the free version:

    -The second character, selectable at the start of play
    -4 additional rooms
    -2 different end
    -Interaction between the character of the game and the player via email (the character of the game will communicate with the player by email)
    -Goodies (still to be defined)

    A crowdfunding campaign will be launched shortly. This version will be launched only if the campaign succeeds.

    The free version will be launched end December 2015.

    Finally, do not forget the online contest, which ends on 30/09.

    And especially thank you to all.


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  • #33, by sebastianThursday, 10. September 2015, 21:45 5 years ago
    I downloaded the latest test version for mac and tried it out for an hour.

    First of all: I had a few problems controlling this game. It seems that you used 3 different control styles (coin menu, Icons on top and scrolling through the actions).
    Sometimes scrolling worked, sometimes not, using an action on an object via the coin menu sometimes let the saved object stay active so that e.g "use carpet" was still shown even if i moved the cursor around the whole screen.

    Then picking up items to combime them in the inventory sometimes worked via left click and sometimes not. Also when hovering the top right icons (save , options, help) it happened that the cursors remained the same after mouse leave.

    I would suggest to use only one kind of control so that the engine doesnt get confused in how to act correctly.

    Also i ran into several weird logical actions on how some "riddles" work. For example picking up the wallet needed firstly looking at it to know what it is. But the player knows that it is a wallet because the mouse cursor showed it. Here it would make more sense to rename the object like "strange object" so it makes sense to examine it in the first try.
    A lot more objects denied picking them up at first try which was a bit weird.

    All in all it was an interesting setting but i felt a bit lost in what i was expected to do.

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  • #34, by wimfFriday, 11. September 2015, 08:55 5 years ago
    Hello Sebastian.204

    Before, thank you for your test and post.

    I understand the problem of interface. Apparently some players have the same problem as you, and in others, does it work without problems. Strange ...

    I will follow your advice and keep only one interface. For cons, I do not know which likes best. I would not want to disappoint players.

    You prefer what interface?

    For objects, you're right, I'll change that. I had already done it with the glue ("Odd subtance" which, after being looked at is renamed "glue"). I will do the same for other objects. Thank you smile

    I'm not very good in English. What do you think of the texts in the game? The spelling and grammar is right?

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  • #35, by sebastianFriday, 11. September 2015, 12:23 5 years ago
    In games where the scenes are fullscreen (like yours) i like the interfaces which are directly available at the mouse cursor (coin / scrolling)

    The english grammar is sometimes very amusing and could be polished a bit
    (e.g. "walk to" instead of just "walk")

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  • #36, by wimfSaturday, 12. September 2015, 11:00 5 years ago
    Ok, thank you.

    I'll change all that.

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  • #37, by wimfFriday, 25. September 2015, 11:27 5 years ago
    Having too many bugs with the current interface, I decided, after receiving notice of many players, creating a more friendly interface.

    It finalized and being tested before publication!

    I have deleted the long left-clicking, multiple ways of acting and combining interfaces, which return objects in the inventory without action've accomplished, names of objects or action remaining hanging on the cursor despite the change of environment or objects in hand.

    A single interface has now been developed. Now, the system is much simpler and is finally stable.

    In summary :

    -The Overview of the object with the mouse cursor shows the name of the object and the possible action at the time of rollover. A left click valid action.
    - A right click on the object activates its review or just loose the object if it is in hand.

    The type of action when mouseover may change depending on what the player has done such actions on it. These changes impact on stability make the gameplay much better, both in the environment than in the inventory From this change, when you now have an inventory item in hand, it remains active as long as you did not click with the right button to let go, or that the action was successful and that the object is no longer available.

    Concerning the evolution of the final version, all the parts is over 80%. Small delay due to the embedding of the voices. I try to respect the exit end of this year or early 2016.

    Thank you all

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  • #38, by wimfSaturday, 17. October 2015, 15:03 5 years ago
    New room among the 20 included : "The clearing"

    To see the animations and particle system, watch the video on or http://wimfgame.com

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  • #39, by burningsimonSaturday, 17. October 2015, 16:33 5 years ago
    The game looks good, i will give it a try on my mac.


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  • #40, by ke4Saturday, 17. October 2015, 19:37 5 years ago
    Some of yours background images looks really nice, but to be honest this one looks a bit worse. The big empty space behind the trees is strange.
    Good job with the particle system though :-)
    I guess you could add some animation for the clouds as there is apparently strong wind in the scene.

    This is my favorite picture

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