What was the most challenging part of development?

  • #20, by darren-beckettMonday, 23. January 2017, 14:22 7 years ago

    I'm also dealing with chasing character. Still didn't sort it out. However i'm trying to achieve so the playable character could come to the chasing character and have a dialog with the charater. It means to get them standing next to each other with the right distance and angle based on the current scene/way system.

    This is a bit tricky, but definitley achievable. I've got my main and chasing characters throwing punches and kicks and knocking each other to the floor if the hit was in range.

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  • #21, by Simon_ASATuesday, 24. January 2017, 15:01 7 years ago
    For me the most tricky part of development is to create a full keyboard gameplay (instead of default mouse point&click).

    But I also had a challenging time in Catyph to create the spaceship arcade minigame. It's a very simple game, but there were a lot of things to prepare carefully: asteroids collisions, countdown, game over or victory, score, etc.
    You can try an old prototype here if you're curious: http://bit.ly/2jsSaxi

    I also tried to include realtime 3D characters in Visionaire from 3dsmax, but I think that it doesn't work well. I really admire some of you here who decided to create games with this feature. Congrats guys!

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