What is the best program to capture video of gameplay

  • #10, by ygmantellSaturday, 14. October 2017, 17:22 7 years ago
    Just figured I'd chime in here and mention that if you have a Windows 10 computer, pressing WinKey + G in a game will open up the "game bar."  From there you can record footage (with or without mic) and broadcast a stream to Mixer.  
    It's very useful and how I capture all my footage smile

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  • #11, by afrlmeSaturday, 14. October 2017, 17:34 7 years ago
    I tried the windows 10 thing, but it I couldn't get it to work correctly. Didn't seem to want to record games in fullscreen & the overlay / key shortcuts kept messing things up somehow. I forget how now as it was ages back when I tried it, I just remember having problems with it is all. AMD ReLive causes issues sometimes too, so I disable that unless I am wanting to record something.


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  • #12, by wimfSaturday, 14. October 2017, 19:53 7 years ago
    By experience, I use for my video record , "loilo game recorder". it is 100% free.


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  • #13, by battlefoxSaturday, 14. October 2017, 21:46 7 years ago
    I use "Action!". It's made especially for games and records Visionaire Projects without problems in high quality:



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  • #14, by sebastianSaturday, 14. October 2017, 21:51 7 years ago
    theoretically you can use your graphics card software (nvidia or radeon) like AFRLme mentioned. No additional software needed.

    For macOS you can either record with the quicktime player or use more professional software like "Screenflow".

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