Welches dieser Grafiktabletts ist besser für Einsteiger?

  • #1, by kody-liMonday, 20. March, 05:03 2 months ago

    Ich möchte ein Zeichentablett innerhalb des Budgets kaufen, meine erste Wahl ist Wacom Intous S (CTL-4100K), aber ein Freund von mir hat mir XP-Pen DECO 01(https://www.xp-pen.de/product/271.html) empfohlen, ich möchte wissen, was besser ist, hauptsächlich für Krita und andere Software, ich denke, einige Leute hier wissen es vielleicht.



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  • #2, by xlsiorTuesday, 21. March, 07:39 2 months ago
    Wacom is pretty much the major "name brand" when it comes to drawing tablets, and it's hard to go wrong with that, but XP-Pen has been around for quite a while as well, and in many respects the two are very similar; both make decent products. you won't go wrong with either.  

    Question, though: Have you ever used any of these type of drawing tablets? Personally I never got the hang of the kind of tablets without a display, where your movements on the 'paper' don't directly translate to what's on the screen. 

    I ended up saving up a bit longer, and got myself a Huion Kamvas instead -- more expensive than the basic type you're looking at, but very capable at about half the price of the equivalent Wacom 


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  • #3, by esmeraldaTuesday, 21. March, 16:51 2 months ago
    This is most likely a spam post. There were a couple of those a while back, all of them promoting xp-pen tablets. 

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