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    I’m using the latest version of VS5 and have a problem with the character movement in the outfits-menu.

    I have a character in the outfits /walk animation menu and want to define the walking speed respectively the character movement for right, back, left and front. There should be different speeds.

    I have selected the animation for the walking-right-animation. In the menu there is an icon with two shoeprints called ‘Set character movement for walk animation’. If I click on it, an input field appears in the menu bar called ‘Set character movement for currently selected frame’. Besides this, small white dots (indicating the movement distance) for every single frame of the animation appear in the animation preview area. But, no matter, which values I enter in the input field, it doesn’t change anything. Also, I can’t move these small white dots.

    As far as I remember, this worked with VS4. I recall changing the character movement by entering different values in the input field. The white dots moved when I changed the values, meaning the line between the dots varied.

    Does anybody know, how I can achieve this with VS5? Thanks.


    Ok, seems I’ve figured out for myself now.

    Maybe it’s from interest for some of you facing the same problem. You’ve to uncheck ‘Sliding walk animation’, which is hidden in the walk-animations menu. Would be nice, if VS would display a message, of you’re trying to enter a value in the ‘Set character movement for currently selected frame’.


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