triple condition?

  • #1, by jf-mSunday, 26. September, 14:28 3 weeks ago
    Hi everybody!

    I was wondering if we can set multiple conditions like this by left click on a item:

    - If Condition 1:
            -- If condition 1.1
                  --- change condition 1
            -- If condition 1.2
                  --- change condition 2
    - If condition 2:
            -- If condition 2.1
                 --- change condition 3
            -- If condition 2.2
                 --- change condition 4

    Everytime i try, even i check EIself, "If condition" 2 always depends from "If condition 1". I can not separate them.

    Is this possible? 



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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 27. September, 05:53 3 weeks ago
    It's all about order. The engine goes through the action parts in order, so if you were to change Condition 2 to true & then later on query if condition 2 is true then it will execute the actions below it because it exists.

    There's a few things you can do.

    1. Use elseif on the relevant query action parts to prevent it from executing the actions below those when you don't want it to.

    2. Insert "quit current action" action parts inside of the queries where needed to kill/stop the current action block & thus prevent it from continuing down the list of action parts.

    3. Invert the action parts so that you are listing the conditions back to front so that changing condition 2 to true won't execute anything as that query will have already been done before condition 2 is changed.


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