Too Big For This World - in Ludum Dare 36

  • #1, by joemidThursday, 01. September 2016, 08:57 7 years ago
    Participated in my first Ludum Dare, number 35, in April, and I'm hooked- of course, with Visionaire.

    Here is a link to the most recent Jam entry that I produced with pre-made assets in 72 hours with Visionaire.

    Is it a game? No, more of a tech demo, or interactive animation; but take a break from all the adventures already! wink

    Thanks so much to the devs and the community for making this a possibility!


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  • #2, by bananeisafreeThursday, 01. September 2016, 14:27 7 years ago
    Just checked it out ...
    Its a ...
    A ....
    What the hell did I just play ?
    Or did I even play ?
    You sent me into an adventure as a (georgeously fabulous) white feathered tyrannosaurus (by the way YES, YES to all of that !). I end up gnawing on some tiny dinosaurs ( that will teach them to be tiny !), I'm the king/queen of the world ! Wherever I go, I bring terror and destruction ! Even the other Trex fears my very presence.! And then ... then ...
    WHY ? Oh god WHY ?!!!

    ... You madman, you lunatic !

    Hem ... Joke aside.
    That was an interesting take on the whole genre. Usualy you find this kind of artistic approach on psychological horrorish games. The whole prehistorical theme was quite enjoyable.
    I don't know if the camera strange behavior was intended but it made for an interesting WTF experience... Plus I was a white feathered female tyrannosaur ... all the rest is irrelevant.

    Just so I know that I did not miss anything. Is there more to do once you changed the second character ?

    Thx for the experience.
    Cheers mate !

    Edit : Oh yeah, meant to ask, did you use spine in order to animate your characters ?

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  • #3, by joemidSunday, 04. September 2016, 16:26 7 years ago
    Ha! Wow! Thanks, Bananeisafree.

    Not much else in there at the moment, I think you've seen it all. Though as most of it is called randomly- there is a chance for a happy accident. There is also the previous entry to LD 35 if you want more- each entry is a jam on a mechanic and built in VS.

    I made the animations in Spriter Pro.

    Thanks again for the feedback!


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  • #4, by chris.2314Sunday, 04. September 2016, 19:13 7 years ago
    Thanks for posting!

    Postjam windows link ?
    Does that version mean it has updates or is it same as your original jam release ?


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  • #5, by joemidSunday, 04. September 2016, 20:32 7 years ago
    You are welcome! Yeah, that is the updated version.


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