Starting my first adventure game with Visionaire!

  • #1, by duartegarinWednesday, 24. July 2013, 00:58 11 years ago
    Hello Community,

    I am a long time web developer and I wish now to turn my attention to game design.

    I am starting now my first adventure project and I would like to know if there are any tips out there for begginers like me.

    I have used the VS for the last two days and I must say I am very surprised.

    I managed to bootstrap a starting scene with some characters, dialogs, object interaction and inventory.

    So far the only issues I have are the walking speed which seems to be faster on the vertical axis, than on the horizontal one.

    Also I find that regarding the documentation the resources are very scarce. Is there more info in the payed version? How can I take advantage of the LUA scripting in Visionaire? Is there some API or something?

    Thanks in advance and thank you for this amazing product.



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  • #2, by BigStansWednesday, 24. July 2013, 01:49 11 years ago

    currently we have an old wiki:
    and a newer one:

    We are not ready with the newer one, much things are missing, i recommed to use both… currently :/

    Let's have a look at the licence page, to see what was the difference

    Lee can say better wat was missing on the new wiki smile

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  • #3, by afrlmeWednesday, 24. July 2013, 02:07 11 years ago
    the new wiki has pretty much all the VS player Lua commands with easy to follow syntax & examples & the start of a beginners guide to Lua - I will update that as & when I can...

    the new wiki has been getting a little neglected lately as I'm currently busy with other things but will resume working on it when I can.

    the old 2D wiki has a lot of information but some of it is a little out of date or is lacking (details) in certain areas. I hope to create a more in depth guide to Visionaire Studio on the new wiki by the time I'm done.

    You can also check out the VS community wiki here; especially the "sticky topics" article which contains a massive list of useful pages, links, resources, groups & scripts etc.


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  • #4, by duartegarinFriday, 26. July 2013, 00:27 11 years ago
    Thanks guys for your replies.

    I will get into this!




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