Sound \ music sliders - Is there a tutorial?

  • #1, by fabian-schurgersTuesday, 10. November, 17:16 A week ago
    Hi there,

    I would like to add volume sliders for music and sound to my game. Is there a tutorial how to do this?



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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 10. November, 21:12 A week ago
    There's some old scripts floating about by Einzelkaempfer I think.

    I use a more modern solution for option sliders, but unfortunately I never shared a tutorial on how I sort them out as I usually end up sorting them out for other people when they ask me to write a config.ini script for them. Sorry.


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  • #3, by fabian-schurgersWednesday, 11. November, 13:14 A week ago
    No worries, it will just be something for the future for me then.


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  • #4, by sergio-rodrigezFriday, 13. November, 16:05 A week ago

    I would like also to add volume sliders, If you will find tutorial send me also, I am working now remotely from my property in Berlin and have some free time


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