SImple Rain Particle?

  • #1, by ygmantellSunday, 30. July 2017, 00:42 5 years ago
    This may seem like a stupid question, but can someone explain how to use the particle systems to make it rain?

    Is the particle system overkill for this type of thing?  Should I just make an animation?

    I am pretty proficient in VS, but particles are one thing I just can't seem to wrap my head around. smile

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  • #2, by SimonSMonday, 07. August 2017, 00:47 5 years ago
    Just created a small test to point you in the right direction:

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  • #3, by dionousMonday, 07. August 2017, 09:14 5 years ago
    Nice one!

    'Direction to Rotation' and below that 'Offset' settings seem very interesting, can you please explain what they do exactly?

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  • #4, by SimonSMonday, 07. August 2017, 09:47 5 years ago
    The particles are directed in the direction they are moving, offset is used to turn the particles if the front somewhere else.

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