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  • #1, by petertermanhansenTuesday, 10. August, 17:43 A month ago
    I need my character to say somthing that is read from a file. But how do I display vars as text?
    If a var is defined as local in the defintion script, it is not possible to get it later in the game?

    Can you help?

    Regards Peter


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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 10. August, 21:33 A month ago
    You could store the text inside the .String table belonging to a value.

    Values["example"].String = var

    You can display numbers or strings belonging to values inside of display texts, display narration texts, & display object texts.


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  • #3, by petertermanhansenWednesday, 11. August, 08:19 A month ago
    Thanks. It works.
    This is a very helpfull forum.


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