Save and load options / reloading sounds etc

  • #1, by aaron-gwynaireTuesday, 22. December 2020, 19:54 A month ago
    Hey guys. So I am creating a 1st person Myst style game called Neyyah, using this wonderful engine, Visionaire Studio 5. However, I have yet to intergrate a load / save option into the game, and was wondering what developers' experience is with using this function within VS, what tutorials / support is available and if anyone can assist with a problem I may encounter ...
    A lot of my sounds play upon hotspot activation, so I use scenes to navigate from screen to screen / slideshow format, like in the original Myst and Riven games (you can see a playthrough my 2019 test build at this link: . These sounds fader away if I reach a certain area of the environment, and then maybe another sound / s starts etc. So I was wondering, how does the save / load option work when a player loads a scene which doesnt have the sound on it, because the scene previous to this one (a few step backs) activated the sound infinitely? 

    Any advice / info or tips will be greatly appreciated, thank you so much smile


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