Problem exporting HTML5 game

  • #1, by lucianoriberoTuesday, 27. March 2018, 01:06 5 years ago
    Hello there! I exported my first "sketch" in Visionaire but when i click on the "index" page i just see the Visionaire logo saying "Downloading..."
    I really need to make my game available on Google Chrome.
    Does anyone no what am i doing wrong? Or if there is a problem?


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  • #2, by roberts leonardTuesday, 27. March 2018, 09:20 5 years ago
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  • #3, by SimonSTuesday, 27. March 2018, 12:04 5 years ago
    Almost no browser allows the game to run from the local file system, you need to use a webserver or a local server like xampp.

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