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  • #1, by LupaShivaMonday, 11. July, 14:13 A month ago
    Hello everyone, is there any way for the player to show while running the game what conditions are true or false?

    Thanks a lot

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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 11. July, 14:19 A month ago
    You mean in an exported build or when running via the VS editor?

    If you are running via the editor then you can open the developer console via the TAB key & check the conditions section.

    Alternatively you could create your own developer interface via interfaces & using conditions & values & display object texts or via scripting & Lua draw.


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  • #3, by LupaShivaMonday, 11. July, 14:25 A month ago
    WOW!! Didn't know about the tab key, awesome =) thanks a lot it was exactly that.

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