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  • #20, by afrlmeFriday, 02. October 2015, 02:16 5 years ago
    Yes if you want a launcher application then you would have to build one yourself with a third party program. Nigec, one of the members on here (not seen him online for a while mind) made a launch app a few years back using action script. I believe he even shared his code in a thread somewhere on here.

    * edit: found the thread @

    All the launchers are (most likely) doing is probably allowing you to tweak the config.ini & then run the game exe.


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  • #21, by tristan-kangFriday, 02. October 2015, 03:53 5 years ago
    I hope this launcher application is more polished so VS officially supports it. Well, my game doesn't need a launcher. smile

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