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  • #30, by MachtnixMonday, 15. June, 15:15 3 weeks ago
    I don't know how this 3D thing works. I think it depends on this joint or bone stuff but my characters have bones with a very complicated rigging. It would never work in another programm. And I use (of course) hypernurbs to reduce polygons but fbx or obj export doesn't support this.

    So I'm afraid this advantage using 3D  isn't really possible. I have to render the characters with alpha in every angle, every walking or standing frame, every expression, every lighting, every cloth. Just as before...

    It would be great having a free human rig which works well. Importing in C4d I should build a mesh around with weighting options Vis need. I use "Claude Bonet" and surely it doesn't work outside of Cinema. There are standard rigs with weightings in "Make Human" and you can edit them in Poser or Blender, may be I can try it?

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  • #31, by bonesTuesday, 16. June, 00:47 3 weeks ago
    So it's been a while since I last attempted to import a 3d character. With version 4.x I just gave up: nothing worked.

    Today I felt like trying it again in the latest version. Downloaded a Mixamo character with some animation, imported in Blender, exported again as Collada, and imported into Visionaire.

    ...and what do you know: it imported and played the animation, but the bones deformed the character. Now, that I can deal with.  The textures were all there, and the static character looked good.  And the animation did play (although the character looks like a maldeformed monster :-)

    Will experiment some more, and then create a small tutorial how to set up an animated 3d character in Blender and import into Visionaire. If I can fix the bone deformation issue, that is! But this is quite exciting.


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  • #32, by SimonSTuesday, 16. June, 11:40 3 weeks ago
    There's a limit on bones of a 100 if I remember correctly because it's done in the shader.

    If you have a not working model you can send it to me and I'll into it to get it to work or tell you what you have to do.

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  • #33, by NigecTuesday, 16. June, 11:50 3 weeks ago
    I never got anything into Visionaire from Blender, but it may of b een 2.79 i used, and I may of just got it wrong, it took 2 weeks of trial and error to get C4D animation, textures etc, I basically tried exporting my C4D made model from Blender
    My plan was 3D close ups like in the Room games, with Lee's help I got a T wrench rotating from inventory also a box that was animated in 2D space that had a press button and lid.. if you search C4D on discord you'll find the discussions from a year or so ago, with pictures and my C4D export settings... November/December 2018, there is an example of the T wrench turning

    Well done getting something from Blender!! I'll look forward to the tutorial

    edit the 3dinv example is the wrong thing, I must of overwritten it in dropbox

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