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  • #1, by gustySunday, 02. February 2014, 22:46 11 years ago
    I'm curious. What is the maximum size of the background image in VS? Is there a way to have no background but instead of that compose the scene with the graphics tiles? Just like in real time strategies or RPGs. I would love to have a big scrollable world - just one big scene. Is there a way to achieve this? For example I'm talking about 8k*8k pixels for a one scene -> I do not mean one 8k*8k background but a lot of small images with an overall size of 8k*8k. Hope you understand and thanks for replies.

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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 02. February 2014, 23:41 11 years ago
    I don't know if there is a limit or not but it is down to your machine & the players machine, in regards to whether they can cope with it.

    You can add a transparent .png as a background at the same size you want the scene to be & then add the background layers as scene objects.


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  • #3, by gustyMonday, 03. February 2014, 05:14 11 years ago
    You can add a transparent .png as a background at the same size you want the scene to be & then add the background layers as scene objects.

    Well I tried to upload 10 000 x 10 000 empty .png file (transparent) as a background image of the scene, but you can't really add scene objects to that. I mean you can't see the boundaries of the background image in the VS - it has just the default gray color of the interface background so it seems like there is no background uploaded at all.

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  • #4, by NigecMonday, 03. February 2014, 11:05 11 years ago
    I'd use a grid as a background then replace it later

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  • #5, by FlorianMonday, 03. February 2014, 13:14 11 years ago
    Having just only one scrolling background, which means you are having just one big scene, you will have to work rather disciplined from the very beginning, because you gonna have to store all your objects, characters and animations in this one scenery.

    It helps me a lot, that the common game is divided into different scenes and the usable obejcts have to be defined therein and not on one single stage.

    I once had the idea to make an adventure, taking place in a hotel, with all rooms visible and vertical scrolling. And I totally messed up the walking areas and objects, because it early became too complex for my tiny brain.

    I don't say that it is hardly possible, but for me, with every single object manipulable inside those several rooms, I was just not prepared.


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  • #6, by fritozTuesday, 11. February 2014, 10:00 11 years ago
    i too am interested in this, i plan to have alot of very long scrolling backgrounds, but mostly only horizontal panorama type backgrounds...

    i was wondering what the optimum size is for backgrounds that scroll..

    like was said before, too big and they might bog down the players computer

    my base resolution is 1920x1080, so i have alot of backgrounds so far that are like 5000x1080 sot hey can scroll a long way without having to have a new screen

    just wondering what people have found works well, and what is too big


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