Mac Steam Achievements Help Needed

  • #1, by nick-lWednesday, 03. July 2019, 07:48 4 years ago
    Hello all again,

    I know this has been covered in the past here but some help will be appreciated please, If someone else has done it in these forums.

    I have added some Steam achievements in my game. I have copied the "steam_api.dll" in the same folder with my executable and uploaded my game on Steam. 

    I am using the "setGameClientAchievement" method and everything works fine just as expected in Windows. 

    My problem is with the Mac version of my game though. I have copied the "libsteam_api.dylib" file in "MyApp/Contents/Mac OS" but I got nothing.

    I also tried to copy the same file in the "MyApp/Contents/Frameworks/" folder where the other dlls are located but I also can't make it work.

    I read somewhere that I should also copy the "steam_appid.txt" file along with the "libsteam_api.dylib". I tried it after also changing the app id within the file but again this doesn't work.

    I am currently using Visionaire Studio 5. Is there something that I should do within the editor, maybe? Should I try an older version of the "libsteam_api.dylib" file?

    I found an older version mentioned in the post on the top but that didn't work either.

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks a lot 


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