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  • #1, by magdalene-reniSaturday, 22. May, 17:52 4 months ago
    My name is Magda. 
    I am using the latest testversion for linux systems. 
    The thing is that every time I restart the software I have to update it. Isn't there a fix so I mustn't update this everytime I need to continue the development?
    Thank you for any replies!
    xxx Magda


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  • #2, by NigecWednesday, 26. May, 12:11 4 months ago
    Hi Magda, what I need to do is find the downloaded file, on my linux its in /tmp and its called Visionaire-Studio-Full-x86_64.AppImage and replace the .AppImage you were using, maybe rename the original.
    Also backup your project before you run the newer version

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  • #3, by SimonSWednesday, 26. May, 14:08 4 months ago
    I have uploaded a fix, you would need to redownload it once and then it shouldn't ask again for updates until there is really an update.

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