Journal/notebook interface troubles

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    Hi All,
    I am still quite new to Visionaire Studio and haven't gotten into Lua at all yet. But I am afraid now might be the time I finally have to. But we'll see.
    I think it's best to describe first of all what I am trying to achieve. I want to have a notebook where certain observations are noted down These will be sorted under different headings (like who gave you which information or where you observed it). I then want to be able to combine these observations. Think Discworld Noir.
    Based on Glenfx' suggestions I have built a working journal in which certain observations are added based on player progress:
    So in order to have different pages/chapters under which the observations are sorted I have added as many characters and inventories for these characters as are needed. This all works fine. I make an observation in a room and it pops up in the chapter of the room. I get an information from a character and it is added to the proper page.
    I then went on and make those entries "combinable". I did this via the items screen. When one item is combined with another a certain action is called. This works fine as well.
    BUT: as soon as I "change the page/chapter", it stops working. I think I have already pinpointed where exactly this all goes a bit wrong: to change the page it is necessary to change the character and open their inventory. This leads to the combine command to stop working. It looks like every time the character is changed the command is being reset.
    So I tried to work with "save object". But no luck either. It looks like the "execute command on saved object" might not be working with "combine-commands". Or I am doing something fundamentally wrong.
    I wonder if anyone has any genius idea how to work around this. Preferrably without the use of Lua (see above). It seems the basic prroblem I am having is the following: I can't combine two items that are in different inventories. Any solutions for that?
    Many thanks in advance!


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