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  • #1, by xriu47Wednesday, 29. July 2020, 15:49 4 years ago
    Thanks for clicking into my post,friends.
    I'm new to visionaire, now have a problem with inventory items and interface, any help or discussion will be appreciated so much.
    1.I made a interface for zooming up items in inventory, which would show a particular interface having several big size pictures of items in it, when items in inventory is right clicked, the zooming interface will show and due to the conditions related to selected item, certain big item picture will show in the interface area as well.
    2.Then if you left click the zoomed up picture's object area, it should hide the zooming interface.
    ps:game properties's "allow dragging items from inventory"  been selected & main interface's "walk" command has already been assigned as "item can be dragged with this command"

    under these conditions upon, I found if you don't use right click on inventory items, drag and drop will function well. But once you right clicked items for even just one time, then after you close the zooming interface, the default left click function which is assigned as "walk"(which now should function as dragging) won't work at all. Although the items in inventory are still active(when you move mouse over them, the walk cursor will change to active cursor image).But items will no longer be picked up/dragged any more, just stay in the inventory.

    Friends, if anyone would know what the problem is with my work, please give me an idea, thanks everyone.


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  • #2, by esmeraldaThursday, 30. July 2020, 08:41 4 years ago
    Mhhhh ... looks like it should work
    How have you set up the zoomed items in your secondary interface? As action areas?

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