I have given birth to a graphic adventure game

  • #1, by wheelMonday, 21. September, 09:45 A month ago

    I'm very happy
    I just finished a graphic adventure game and I wanted to thank the Visionaire team for giving me the opportunity to do it without knowing how to code.
    I also wanted to thank dementlier001 
    for creating the only tutoring in Spanish from visionarie studio.

    I also wanted to check that I have an indi license and I have uploaded it for free to Itch ... I can do that, right?
    If I can't tell myself to remove it

    El Sequito de Leonor de Aquitania by Daniel Wheel

    Thank you


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  • #2, by NigecMonday, 21. September, 10:52 A month ago
    Very nice looking game smile

    I believe its fine on Itch wink

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  • #3, by wheelMonday, 21. September, 18:17 A month ago
    Thank you Nigec!!!

    I appreciate a lot that you have downloaded it and that you take the trouble to write to me.
    Hopefully you will play it and you like it !!!



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  • #4, by esmeraldaMonday, 21. September, 19:59 A month ago
    I played a little bit. I have not explored everything, but encountered the first puzzle in finding the save/load menu. ;-)
    I think it might be a good idea to make the description of these buttons (G and S) a bit clearer. First time around I chose "s" in the hope it would be the save - button . And tranlate the verbs and the buttons in the load/save menu, too.

    I'll play a bit more soon. It is fun so far. (and I still have to find out what the "undo"-verb is for...  ^^ )

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  • #5, by wheelMonday, 21. September, 20:52 A month ago
    Oooohhh what an illusion that someone tries it!

    You're right. I have finished translating it and I have uploaded it as soon as possible but I did not fall into the menu. I'll get to it.
    At the beginning if you press controls you will meet Mike who explains how to save and that.

    The verb undo is because there are many objects and many combinations between them. Sometimes you have to undo something you have made so that it will put the objects separately.

    Hopefully you keep playing and keep telling me the things that can be improved.

    A million thanks


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  • #6, by wheelTuesday, 22. September, 12:04 A month ago
    Hey Esmeralda

    You no longer have to do the divination course to save the game
    It is already uploaded with the update

    Many thanks for the notice


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