How to realize a "Snoop Menu"

  • #1, by marvelSunday, 27. October 2013, 11:45 10 years ago
    Hi everybody,
    i like to add a "hint"-button to my game in the upper right corner. When the user holds the mouse button on the interface-button, the snoop animations should appear... when he stops holding the button the snoop animations should disappear. I think this would be an important thing also for games on the ipad, where the "space" key is missing.

    Problem now: I can't realize this with a "button hold" command. First problem is that nothing happens when the button is hold. Currently the Snoop-Animations will appear when i STOP holding the button (maybe a bug?). And then there is no command for "stop holding" the button... so the animations won't disappear.

    So my only chance to use "Cursor enters button area" and "Cursor leaves button area". This is working... but its not the mechanism i wanted. wink

    Any advices?


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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 27. October 2013, 11:52 10 years ago
    A'llo Thomas, can you send me some screenshots via skype so I can see how you've set up the actions...

    I don't have access to VS until I get back to Spain...
    So I need something visual to see, to rap me (poor addled) brain around the issue!


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  • #3, by AlexSunday, 27. October 2013, 13:10 10 years ago
    the "button hold" action for objects is triggered when the button is released (but only if it was hold for a certain time), that's on purpose and not a bug.
    In the game - mouse properties tab there are two actions, one for "left mouse button hold (button released)" and one for "left mouse button hold (button pressed)", so you need to create your action here. In this action you should test the current object and only show the snoop animations if the cursor is over the "hint"-button.

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  • #4, by afrlmeSunday, 27. October 2013, 14:15 10 years ago
    yeah I've already sent him a mouse button hold/released solution via skype wink

    I didn't have vs installed & couldn't remember exact layout of actions & properties etc; in my head, that is.

    Simplest solution for this was:

    1. on mouse enter object > change a condition to true & false on mouse out...
    2. mouse hold properties: if condition is true > fade in snoop animations. & on mouse released action > fade out snoop anim.


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