freeware game developed for profit: which license?

  • #1, by andrea_visSaturday, 16. January, 14:30 A month ago
    I have been asked to develop an adventure game. so I am evaluating the possibility of using Visionaire studio to develop it. Specifically, I will be paid by a company for my work of developing the game, but the game will be distributed for free. Windows and Android versions will be released. 

    However, I am unsure of which is the right license to buy:

    - Single User Indie License (49 euro): it looks like not enough because only non-profit games are allowed for iOS and Android. Although the game will be freely distributed, I will indirectly earn money for the development.  
    - Single User Mobile License (125 euro): it has no restrictions for digital distribution of the game, therefore it looks like the best choice.
    - Professional License (500 euro): it appears too much for my needs because no physical copies will be distributed. 

    Is the Single User Mobile License the license for my needs?

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  • #2, by SimonSMonday, 18. January, 10:18 A month ago
    It doesn't depend on whether the game is non-profit, it only depends on if the game is sold. So you can use the single user indie license, even if you get paid for it. If you want to sell on mobile you would need a higher license, but since it's free there you don't.

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