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  • #1, by gregor-muellerMonday, 22. February, 16:23 A week ago
    Hi, I am making my first steps with Visionaire Studio right now. All in all it is going well and I am positively impressed with the progress I have made with this amazing tools in a few weeks!
    But I am still struggling with the Ligthmaps a bit. Or probably I am not seeing some easy solution that is right in front of me. So any help would be greatly appreciated. What I am trying to do is the following:
    I have a character in a scene with an artificial light for which I have made a lightmap that works just fine. But now he opens a (dirty) window and natural light floods the room. His character model of course has to be influenced by that light too. So I made a second lightmap with the artificial and the natural light. 
    My problem is: how can I change between the two lightmaps? I don't want any other objects / background to be influenced by this light (I have made a second background that is called up as soon as the window is open so there is no need for that).
    I am sure there must be an easy solution to this, right? I hope I am just blind to it.

    In any case many thanks in advance already to this amazing community!


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  • #2, by SimonSMonday, 22. February, 17:37 A week ago
    Well, if you look at the action part "set lightmap", that does what you need.

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  • #3, by afrlmeTuesday, 23. February, 01:13 A week ago
    Lightmaps only affect characters & not the scene itself. To actually effect the lighting in the scene you would need to swap out images/animations belonging to the scene, &/or use an overlay image/animation via a scene object placed on top (or via an interface), &/or use shaders to actually code lighting into your game.

    Lightmaps are just images that contain blobs of color that tint the character based on where they are stood in the scene.


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  • #4, by gregor-muellerTuesday, 23. February, 09:54 A week ago
    Ah, I know it would be something easy. It never occured to me to look for it in there. I am still trying to get to terms with the action parts.
    Thanks, SimonS! I am afraid I will be asking other obvious things as well in the future. But for now when in doubt I will check the actionparts first!
    Also thanks to afrlme! Yeah I did prepare another image with the changed lighting, that was how far I got. But now the character model "reacts" to the changed lighting exactlyas I want it to.


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