Do you have to know coding to make a polished game in Visionaire?

  • #1, by anthonysabFriday, 06. September 2019, 02:47 4 years ago
    So I'm more of an artist with no experience in programming. And I was curious, can I strive to make a polished game by myself, as in a fully releasable game that would function without any serious bugs (such as Deponia), in Visionaire without having to learn coding? Just by using its default stuff, like commands, conditions and values?

    Or would it be necessary to team up more people (eg. a programmer)?


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  • #2, by tudor-stamateFriday, 06. September 2019, 05:53 4 years ago
    I for one, think not.

    The engine is rather quite easy when you get the hang of it and can create some pretty complicated stuff using only the action systems. The only reason you'd need programming knowledge would be if you want to add something that isn't there already or when you want to customize its existing systems more than the action system lets you.

    Have fun!


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  • #3, by afrlmeFriday, 06. September 2019, 14:16 4 years ago
    No, you can do pretty much everything without scripting, but some features do require scripting, so it's completely down to exactly what you have in mind.

    I believe in the next update Simon should have finished implementing a new visual scripting system (node based thing like blueprint in unreal engine), so you will be able to do complex things with that without actually having to type any actual code.


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