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  • #10, by MachtnixThursday, 02. October 2014, 03:28 6 years ago
    Maybe the source dialog and the copy/pasted one have the same ID, so if he delete one of them the other one will be deleted too. Or Vis THINK both are the same and treat them as one thing together. Maybe LupaShiva wants to say this.
    I remarked this problem by copying parts of dialogs into another dialog (because I'm lazy to write the same text 20 times...) - but if I change the old one (another text input) the new one will be changed too. Like magic. The only solution was to write a completely new dialog part, never COPY dialogs or parts of them...

    It's the same to copy an outfit - cause wrong results similar to that.


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  • #11, by LupaShivaThursday, 02. October 2014, 14:30 6 years ago
    Yes its problably that machtnix, i really dont want to create all the dialog again, theres a LOT of work there =(

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  • #12, by AlexSaturday, 04. October 2014, 14:13 6 years ago
    Indeed the problem was that two dialog parts linked to the same dialog layer. Internally there were 2 parent links to the same object in the data structure which is not allowed. This causes all kind of strange behavior and crashes.

    Since the dialog was created a long time ago in v3.x it could be that this bug is already fixed (we changed a lot internally in the data structure). At least I could not reproduce the problem with a new dialog so far.

    Furthermore I fixed copy & paste of dialog layers (nothing was pasted in layers other than first dialog layer) and numbering of dialog layers after delete/duplicate/paste.

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  • #13, by LupaShivaSaturday, 04. October 2014, 20:50 6 years ago
    Thank you for the help! I've been busy with work, but probably tomorrow I'll give it a look, ty a lot =)

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