Cursor invsible, character not appearing - Beginner Help needed

  • #1, by weltnabelMonday, 16. September 2013, 17:02 11 years ago
    Hello not to sure whether to use english or german. I am from Stuttgart. Well I am using the free version for some houers now and I am really struggeling with an invisible cursor and the character not appearing - google couldn't help so far. Actually it should work. I difined the needed animations, ways, background image and so on.

    Could someone be as nice as to have a look as my zip file? I don't expect the game to be complete in any way, I only would like to see the character walking.

    Thank you very much! I would so love seeing my crazy character walk. I am an expert with adobe master collection and blender but struggle with it right now... well I mean ingeneral I know how to use computers smile but a bloody noob at this one


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  • #2, by gustyMonday, 16. September 2013, 19:12 11 years ago
    1) In your scene, create an new empty object, name it something like "start_point". In the Properties of this object you need to specify its position (alignment).

    2) Character > Properties > Character stands at > select point (object) you just created

    3) Character > Interfaces > check in your interface

    4) Interfaces > Interface of game character > Walk to > Command properties > select your cursor

    5) Same for "Look at" interface button

    Btw I really recommend Suro youtube tutorials. Just type "visionaire tutorials" in the youtube search bar and you will get it. I'm a noob myself as well, but Suro tutors really helped me!

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  • #3, by weltnabelTuesday, 17. September 2013, 09:17 11 years ago
    Thank you!!!!!!!! That did it!!!!!!!!!! My first own adventure game figure walking!!!!!!! cry


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