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  • #1, by darren-beckettMonday, 04. June 2018, 00:22 3 years ago
    Hi, I'm getting a couple of errors reported daily within Google play (pictures attached).

    - Native crash at signal 11
    - NullPointerException

    Can anyone offer any help?

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  • #2, by wuxiaworldMonday, 04. June 2018, 04:11 3 years ago
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  • #3, by NigecMonday, 04. June 2018, 20:12 3 years ago
    Native crash at signal 11 is a crash loading into memory
    NullPoint is usually something called without a value or a value -0

    All together you could be getting the null error because of the first problem

    the Native crash at signal 11 error seems common with Andriod but a bugger to fix

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  • #4, by darren-beckettMonday, 04. June 2018, 20:24 3 years ago
    Thanks, I guess my question is...

    Can i fix this or is it the Visionaire.apk?

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  • #5, by darren-beckettFriday, 03. August 2018, 08:25 3 years ago
    I'm still getting multiuple errors per day.

    If i knew where in the program was causing the error, i might be able to work around it.

    Could you look into building crash reporting & analytics into the android runner?

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  • #6, by SimonSFriday, 03. August 2018, 09:34 3 years ago
    Crashing are not seldom on Android, there are enough devices so that you can't check every case. Also often Android uses some useless standby for apps, that requires the app to reload all the resources, if the App crashes then, Android will restart it.

    If there are users complaining, the reports would need to be checked.

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