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  • #1, by kyle-kirkpatrickThursday, 01. November 2018, 16:06 2 years ago
    Hi. I am wanting to clarify something. If I purchase the "Visionaire Studio 5 - INDIE (Single User)" License, am I allowed to sell my games on digital PC platforms like Steam, or is that prohibited with this license? Thanks smile.


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  • #2, by andy-rinaldiThursday, 01. November 2018, 16:29 2 years ago
    Yes, of course.
    "This license allows you to digitally distribute your game (unlimited titles) for Windows, Mac, and Linux."

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  • #3, by afrlmeThursday, 01. November 2018, 16:44 2 years ago
    Yes, you can compile & distribute digitally (on: steam, gog, etc) for windows, mac & linux. You can also compile & distribute html5 games (free, ad-based - selling rights requires a different license). & you can also compile & distribute iOS & Android games (for free - commercial requires mobile license, which is per title/game).


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  • #4, by kyle-kirkpatrickThursday, 01. November 2018, 18:24 2 years ago
    Thanks for your answers and clarifying. The confusion came when it didn't say whether or not I could do it commercially. It just said I was allowed to distribute them. Thanks again smile.


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