Can''t seem to build as .exe

  • #20, by afrlmeThursday, 13. June 2013, 05:32 10 years ago
    .vis is the file which contains the main data of your game such as actions, text etc...
    you can also store scenes, characters, interfaces etc into the main .vis file or into one file each for scenes, videos & interfaces etc or into individual files per each scene, video, interface etc.

    the .exe (game executable) & .dll files needed to run the game are created/added to the output folder automatically. the .exe will be named the same as whatever you named the output file (.vis)


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  • #21, by YinshoThursday, 13. June 2013, 06:58 10 years ago
    Ahhhhh, okay, thank you, now I understand. :3
    That was all I was unsure about, haha.


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