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  • #10, by SimonSTuesday, 28. July, 11:19 4 months ago
    That has probably never worked as it seems in the code here. I'll fix it for the next update.

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  • #11, by tesildeen-Tuesday, 28. July, 12:15 4 months ago
    I am pretty sure it did. ;-)
    I use the command on serveral actions and it doesn´t work on any of them any more.
    btw I appreciate the work and effort you putting into the troubleshooting. I know that is a very thankless task.


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  • #12, by NigecTuesday, 28. July, 12:42 4 months ago
    quit current action gives this in console Simon
    11:37:56.849:no plugin registered action part 16

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  • #13, by tesildeen-Tuesday, 28. July, 15:21 4 months ago
    For your information: I just tested it again in the previous version (5.1.0. Build 1206). There it works perfectly.


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