Basic questions concerning 3D-Characters

  • #1, by CrossSaturday, 08. August 2015, 18:16 9 years ago
    I just tried to switch from 2d to 3d-characters, managed to get a model and textures to load, but now i'm stuck with the animations:
    1. How do i aply them to the character?
    2. What format do they need for import and where should they be saved?
    3. What programs are you using to do this?

    Also my new 3d character will not enter the next room, because i haven't set a camera for that one. But ...

    4. ...where can i aply a camera to each room? I only see the starting options in the characters tab.

    Thanks so much for any help.


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  • #2, by AkcayKaraazmakSaturday, 08. August 2015, 18:38 9 years ago
    Hi there,

    First thing you should do after you making your 3d character ready in your 3d software, you should export it to .X file. When exporting, you should mention your animation cycles in the export options. For example, 0-100 frames for walk, 101-120 for take animation etc... After you export it, just load it in the Vis and in character outfit options, you will assign your animations from the dropdown menus for each animation. You will see the names of your anims in the drop-down menus. For walk directions just select your "walk" anim and for idle select your "idle" anim from the drop down. Also the same logic for the others as well.

    And on each scene you should adjust the camera angle and maybe the lighting by code to fit your character with your scenes.

    For example; in the begining of the scene event; Char_3d is the name of your character

    local outfit = Characters.Char_3d.CharacterCurrentOutfit

    outfit. OutfitLightColor= 10066318
    outfit.OutfitCameraAngle = 3
    outfit.OutfitCameraHeight = 0
    outfit.OutfitModelScaleFactor = 100

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  • #3, by CrossSunday, 09. August 2015, 07:51 9 years ago
    Thanks Akcay.


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