Background Image Issue

  • #10, by afrlmeFriday, 28. July 2017, 16:51 7 years ago
    Hm... Yeah, it does.  Of course the waysystems are all messed up and the player shows up in a random position on screen because it's a bigger image than before (but I was gonna just manually fix them), but it's there.  

    EDIT: @Machtnix
    I did that and that image shows up fine.  But it doesn't fix the issue when I re-import the correct one.

    EDIT:  If the limit is 3x 1080, then I guess my image is too large (width is 4000).  Would that be the issue?
    1080 is the height. I recommend 2x width of 1920 (3840) only which I believe is 4K resolution.

    You will have to make some tests. Try creating some copies of your background & cropping them to different sizes & start from largest size & work backwards until one shows.

    Alternatively, split the scene into 2.


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  • #11, by ygmantellFriday, 28. July 2017, 16:57 7 years ago
    Yeah, thats what I did.  Works fine now.  Spiltting it into 2 scenes.

    Thanks so much for your help!

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