Android game not running correctly

  • #1, by elwanThursday, 20. February 2020, 14:06 A year ago
    I just bought Visionaire Studio 5 and managed  to export a game to my android smartphone.
    The installation is running OK on the smartphone but when I run the game I got the menus, sound and  interfaces correctly but my scenes are blank and my characters invisible.

    My scenes and menus are all at the same format (1280 x 720).
    My smartphone is Samsung Galaxy A10 with Android 9.
    I just loaded the latest Android Studio version and have no problem with jarsigner.exe and zipalign.exe.

    The same happens when I convert Fantasy Quest(from  Andi Liddell) to Android   and try to run it on my smartphone. (Menus OK but scenes and characters  blank!)

    Thanks in advance for any suggestion...


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  • #2, by SimonSThursday, 20. February 2020, 14:06 A year ago
    You probably need to check convert to webp.

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  • #3, by elwanFriday, 21. February 2020, 13:39 A year ago
    Tank you so much for your answer! Everything OK now...


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