5.2 1233 Update released

  • #1, by SimonSFriday, 05. May, 19:31 3 weeks ago
    - Balance for audio container/mixers
    - Audiobus for videos/components, also allows to change the volume while videos are running in components
    - Option to change to percent instead of dB (Since I'm getting asked about this often by Lee, I've added an option to change this, but note that the precision is oriented towards dB, so you won't really hear the difference in the area 100% - 90%. That's only 1dB. So the fader jumps a bit. Also this is only visually.)
    - SDL2 audio is now used instead of OpenAL, which means WASAPI, so if you change the audio device in Windows it moves over there, hopefully also helps with issues on Linux
    - This allows you to increase the volume over 1, watch out, that can be really loud
    - Minimum turn angle / while walking is configurable in game settings
    - ScaleX / Y can be separate in components
    - Option to cap the framerate
    - The UI is now smoother and slightly animated
    - Tab is working to switch through ui components
    - Go to definition works for game actions
    - GetActionText gets the default text as second parameter (first is mouse pos)
    - Dialog options selected via lua are now active until other options are hovered
    - Option to include empty texts for text export
    - Shortcut to run on scene without saving
    - Pendulum animations
    - Android project SDK update
    - Steamdeck functions steam.getFormFactor() (returns ESteamDeviceFormFactor) steam.isSteamDeck() (true/false)
    - Steam Update (should help with initialization problems)
    - Galaxy Update
    - Epic Online Services support (you need a script called EOS, that calls initGameClient(clientID, clientSecret, productId, sandboxId, deploymentId), it gets called before the display is started)

    - Component videos on buttons don't stop if button is inactive
    - Android get language crashes
    - Android is slow because assets get compressed in project
    - Spine export is not working
    - ' in files does not work
    - Panels can be resized so they can't sized back
    - Font height is locked to a subset so it won't change height in game
    - Memory leaks if metal is used
    - Crash with iOS 16.5 Beta
    - Cursor gets stuck on Mac with retina displays
    - HTML5 cursor position is wrong if high dpi is used
    - Component texts are not exported/imported in text exports
    - Non-audio files are included in speech file import
    - Deactivated action parts are shown incorrectly in search
    - Maximum size of particle emitters is too small
    - Default waysystem is not shown for action area actions
    - Reset workspace includes workspace name now
    - Component texts are not shown in text list (you need to click on the scene for it to show up afterwards)
    - Go to definition doesn't work for component texts
    - Export file per scene creates a file per character instead
    - Used dialog part is not correctly calculated
    - Used dialog part is not saved to savegame
    - Turn animations interrupt cutscenes
    - Tooltips stop number input via scroll-wheel
    - Animation studio buttons don't work
    - replaceGame produces file not found errors
    - 360 demo doesn't work

    - Yield break not working
    - Array.Clear() is working correctly
    - Entity ID is wrong
    - string.Join not working
    - Added OrderBy LINQ functions
    - Added GetComponent<component>() to object behaviours</component></div>
    - Lots of fixes

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  • #2, by fabian-schurgersTuesday, 09. May, 10:15 2 weeks ago
    Looks great, thanks!

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  • #3, by LebosteinWednesday, 10. May, 07:03 2 weeks ago
    What is "Ilios"?

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  • #4, by afrlmeWednesday, 10. May, 12:20 2 weeks ago
    Ilios is the VS exclusive scripting language based on C# that Simon has been working on creating for Visionaire Studio. It also includes a visual node based scripting option for people that prefer that to typing out code.

    Lua script also still works perfectly fine.


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  • #5, by SimonSWednesday, 24. May, 17:17 5 days ago
    Bugfix Update 1234:

    - Crashes with Components in the editor
    - HTML5 manual file saving and deleting not mirrored to localstorage
    - GOG crashes
    - Speech bus is not used
    - Busses cannot be selected
    - Ilios crashes with statics in visual scripting

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