1231 Bugfix update

  • #1, by SimonSFriday, 29. July, 18:44 2 weeks ago
    Just some Fixes, I had promised:

    - replaceGame fixed: 
    lua tables were wrong
    audiomixer were not working
    files in other containers than the main container were not found
    - crash on save with screenshots if changing to windowed
    - crash with long statusbar text
    - windows: drag drop doesn't work if not fullscreen
    - dialog alt text doesn't show id
    - script search overlay not closed on tab change and crashes on interaction
    - fontDimension incorrect for shaped text
    - movie component ignores video volume
    - interfaces are drawn during the fade on savegame load

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  • #2, by redsparkThursday, 04. August, 12:47 A week ago
    Thanks for the update. smile

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