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Nelson and the Magic Cauldron - Trailer and Release Date

Trailer and Release Date

So Freunde, der Trailer ist raus und somit das Veröffentlichungsdatum. Das Spiel wird am 22. November zunächst auf Steam für Windows, Mac und Linux erscheinen.

[German Trailer]

So Friends, the Trailer of Nelson and the Magic Cauldron has arrived ... and the release date. The game will be released at the 22th of november on steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Have fun

[English Trailer]

- Manuel

EDIT 20.11.2018
In Kommentaren funktionieren wohl keine Links, deshalb hier die Links zum Release:


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  • sakirabeb
    3 years ago
    This is a very good post and informative post kindly check this post.
  • crankschenk
    4 years ago
  • afrlme
    4 years ago
    Simon disabled links in blog comments due to spammers constantly posting in blog posts. fairly sure the 3 comments below yours are spammers. anyway congrats on the release. wink
  • crankschenk
    4 years ago
    Seit heute gibt es das Spiel bei Steam:
    und bei Google Play:
  • maxdroid
    4 years ago
    good game
  • sanjna-sharma
    4 years ago
    you post so nice thank for sharing this post
  • Nigec
    4 years ago
    Looking good smile
  • crankschenk
    4 years ago
  • TinTin
    4 years ago
    Fantastic game. Congrats!!!

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