Zoom character away maintaining pixel size?

  • #20, by fulviovWednesday, 04. March 2015, 21:14 10 years ago
    Yep, very cool.
    I am trying to see if there is a way to save the game window size to not stretch it every time, but no luck so far

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  • #21, by LebosteinWednesday, 04. March 2015, 21:23 10 years ago
    Can anybody update the config.ini description?
    Some things seems not work with Vis 4.1, for example the BRIGHTNESS parameter. Some things seems not up to date, like the resolution: RESOLUTION = Auto|Desktop|Game|width x height


    PS: The nonexistent/outdated documentation is a major disadvantage of Visionaire... If you want more earnestly users and paying customers - this is the first thing that you should fix.

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  • #22, by afrlmeWednesday, 04. March 2015, 21:41 10 years ago
    I'm a bit too busy at the minute to pay any attention to the documentation. I'm currently helping out with the development of a game & I've also spent the past week moving to a new apartment - we've not even fully finished moving yet.

    Brightness doesn't work? It might be something to do with the openGL shader that has been added. I'm not 100% sure if that parameter even existed - David might have added it as an example.

    Quick note: take the config.ini scripts I have provided on the script index page, not all of the parameters I've written are automatically recognized by the engine; most of them require you to manually access them via Lua script & then determine what should happen from each line that is read.


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  • #23, by afrlmeWednesday, 04. March 2015, 21:45 10 years ago
    Look what i found:

    An older version of Visionaire had an config.ini editor ("Visionaire Smart Setup"). I wonder why this very helpful tool was removed.

    PS: RESIZEABLE = YES works! Very cool, you can resize your window while playing.

    Nige mentioned a little while ago that he planned to rewrite the launcher again in another code format. I reckon anyone could write a launcher if they wanted to. Python, C++, C#, Basic or action script. All the little app he wrote was doing is reading / writing to the config.ini, the same as my script does, but the launcher allowed you to setup your game as you like it before running it.


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