Would kill, just to change the background color in the editor.

  • #1, by saintandsimonMonday, 07. October 2013, 22:16 11 years ago
    Hey, and yeah, basically what the headline says. I'm not sure if it's a big thing or not to implement, but the option would be really awesome. Availability to customize the colors in the editor, or choose between a lighter or darker version. I've my specialisation in school, where I'm using Visionaire whole days, and my eyes gets quite tired of the white background. Game Maker did this when they released Game Maker Studio, and it was a bless for the eyes.

    Like this: http://www.indiegamemag.com/media/physics2.png

    Just a suggestion though. smile


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  • #2, by NovelMonday, 07. October 2013, 22:20 11 years ago
    Good idea! (not the highest priority, however, in my opinion)


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  • #3, by afrlmeTuesday, 08. October 2013, 00:26 11 years ago
    David was talking about possibility of a darker theme option similar to recent adobe products...

    I do not know if he will sort it out though as he said it's a lot of work because there are 100's of individual sections/modules that need to have colors set for etc - or something along those lines...

    but yeah an optional darker theme for both the editor & the lua script editor would be really nice.


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  • #4, by PykeWednesday, 09. October 2013, 09:54 11 years ago
    I usually play around with my WINDOWS settings to get a darker 'theme'.


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  • #5, by saintandsimonWednesday, 09. October 2013, 19:56 11 years ago
    Hmm, good idea pyke.


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