Where is the .vis file??

  • #10, by afrlmeThursday, 07. June 2018, 14:26 6 years ago
    No idea, but the bigger question is would the game run without the .vis extension? The vis file contains most of the important information & game logic.


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  • #11, by NigecThursday, 07. June 2018, 17:43 6 years ago
    I just tried on Windows and it will actually run after changing the config file, however there was issues with cursors

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  • #12, by irinahuw_Friday, 08. June 2018, 10:22 6 years ago

    the game ran without the extension smile did not test everything but as far as i could see everything worked. maybe its an issue of my computer, visionaire studio acted weird yesterday when saving the game. however, it all seems to work now. thank you guys!


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  • #13, by afrlmeFriday, 08. June 2018, 11:58 6 years ago
    Ah well, at least now you know how to export. smile


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